November, 2023
November 2023
Terence M. Williams: Super proud of our progress in Radiation Oncology at COH
03/11/2023 23:56

Terence M. Williams: Super proud of our progress in Radiation Oncology at COH

Terence M. Williams, Professor & Chair at City of Hope, Radiation Oncology made the following post on LinkedIn:

“Super proud of our progress in Radiation Oncology at COH. Much has changed in the last 2-3 years and we have grown so fast.

Clinically, tremendous growth in SoCal with 28-33% increases in gross revenues and wRVU productivity, with paralleled significant increases in treatment starts, while maintaining extremely high levels of operational efficiency.

On the academic side, we have seen year or year growth in research funding (>90% growth in the last 3 years), RadOnc PI-led clinical trials (209% growth), and clinical trial accruals by RadOnc PIs (222% growth), with many new faculty PI funded clinical trials. Growth in publications, hundreds per year with >25% increase in median impact factor.

Investments in unification of our RT planning software and hardware, roll-out of auto-segmentation, common EMR, surface-guided radiotherapy programs to enhance collaboration, efficiencies, and connectivity. Not to mention our conceptual integration and standardization through our new RadOnc Disease Teams, and quality programs (ASTRO APEx, toxicity reporting, peer review).

Proud that our Press-Ganey patient satisfaction scores are higher than the average for City of Hope (94%tile vs 89%tile). Changes to our residency program, and growth of our RTT programs highlights our commitment to education. We have started to leverage our vast RadOnc Network in SoCal (4 counties including LA, Orange, Riverside, and SB). The addition of our centers in Phoenix, Atlanta, and Chicago will further boost our missions.

I’m thankful to Michael Caligiuri, Jeff Walker, Robert Stone, Steve Rosen, Vijay Trisal, Vince Jensen, Ashley Lee, Jeff Trent, many others for providing the opportunity to transform RadOnc at City of Hope. Very appreciative of our internal leadership team (Louis M, Phyllis B, An Liu, Les Botnick, Milt H, Kim H), not to mention our tremendous team of admin directors, physicians, physicists, nurses, dosimetrists, therapists, schedulers, and more. I look forward to further building upon our successes with our new President of NMC Dr. Marcel van den Brink and new Chief Scientific Officer/CCC Director Dr. John Carpten.

Incredibly honored by the many faculty who have joined me on this ride, including Percy Lee, Jose Bazan, Rose Li, Heather McGee, Stephanie Yoon, Yufei Liu, Sean Maroongroge, Amanda Schwer, Bory Eastman, Trevor Lim, Peter Wu, Nina Cote, April V, Borna M, Bo Liu, Todd DeWees, so many more recruits. To those who stayed and accepted change- thank you.

Lots of excitement to come, with launching of real-time BgRT (SCINTIX) programs, our adaptive programs (CT/MRI), theranostics, and continuing innovation in our other research programs including radiogenomics, radioimmunomodulation, and TMLI/TMI. We will leverage our National RadOnc Network for clinical trials, our clinical registry/database for research/ & quality, and PRO/QOL studies as first steps.

The future is bright and I look forward to see what we can further accomplish as a team!”

Source: Terence M. Williams/LinkedIn