December, 2023
December 2023
Oct 22, 2023, 17:56

Anna Clemens: Use this template for abstracts and save yourself hours

Quoting Anna Clemens, Founder and CEO of Researchers’ Writing Academy, on X/Twitter:

Are you and your co-authors editing the abstract of your paper again and again before submitting to get it just perfect? Use this template instead and save yourself hoursss!

Describe the broad problem your paper solves. In 1 sentence, hook your reader describing a problem in your field that your research is contributing to solving. Every reader of the journal should understand this sentence.

Provide context needed to understand your study. In 1-3 sentences, give the reader any background they need to understand the motivation of your study. Clearly state the specific problem that your study solves.

State the central message of your study. In 1 sentence, describe the key take-away of your study, e.g. starting with “Here, we show/demonstrate…”. Focus on your key result instead of your aim, objective or approach.

Summarise your results. In 1-3 sentences, describe the key findings of your study. Focus on the most important ones, not every result needs to be mentioned here. No need to mention the methods you used unless they’re impressive/rare/novel or part of your central message.

State the broad perspective. In 1 sentence, put your results in a broader perspective referring back to the problem in your research field that you defined in the beginning. Explain why your findings are significant and what their possible implications are.

TL;DR Abstract template:
#1 Describe the broad problem your paper solves.
#2 Provide context needed to understand your study.
#3 State the central message of your study.
#4 Summarise your results.
#5 State the broad perspective.

Fingers crossed for your submission!

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Source: Anna Clemens/Twitter