December, 2023
December 2023
Open Letter To all Cancer Organizations in the World – Princess Dina Mired of Jordan and prof. Richard Sullivan
Oct 21, 2023, 18:12

Open Letter To all Cancer Organizations in the World – Princess Dina Mired of Jordan and prof. Richard Sullivan

Princess Dina Mired of Jordan shared an Open Letter on her Twitter (X):

Open Letter 

To all Cancer Organizations in the World

To all the cancer organizations in the world if there ever was a good time to speak it is most probably now. 

We implore you all to add your voices to those of the Head of WHO and UN to call for an immediate ceasefire for the war in Gazza to allow significant humanitarian assistance to enter. This is not about politics, but basic needs; water, food, medicine, and fuel to keep the hospitals operating. The conditions have deteriorated so profoundly that doctors are having to use vinegar to sterilize wounds and mobile phones to illuminate operations. And this is only about basic humanitarian needs today. For many the – cancer patients, diabetics and heart patients, complex reproductive health and patients on dialysis, the humanitarian needs will be far greater. The currently offered provision is simply inadequate for scale of the need.

Collectively we all have a responsibility to restore our faith in the power of human rights, international law and humanitarianism. You all have voiced your support for the Ukraine crisis and aided innocent civilian populations caught in this war. These noble values as well as our collective empathy cannot be selective. We, as medical and public health organizations, must stand by the fact that “all lives matter”.

We desperately need credible and influential organizations such as yourselves to join with the WHO, UN and many humanitarian organisations such as ICRC and MSF to call for an immediate ceasfire and the opening of an unimpeded humanitarian corridor. We should all call out against the “weaponizing of health” against innocent civilians whomever they are and wherever they are. Your voices of humanity is needed now more than ever.


HRH Princess Dina Mired
Past President
The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

Professor Richard Sullivan
Director, Institute of Cancer Policy
King’s College London

Source: Princess Dina Mired / X