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Thomas LeBlanc: ASCO24, that’s a wrap!
Jun 6, 2024, 00:26

Thomas LeBlanc: ASCO24, that’s a wrap!

Thomas LeBlanc, Chief Patient Experience and Safety Officer at Duke Cancer Institute, shared on X:

ASCO24, that’s a wrap! It’s hard to believe, after all the efforts to make it happen over the last 13 months, but it’s true.

Many thanks to Lynn Schuchter for your visionary yet humble leadership, and for focusing our efforts around infusing the patient voice into the annual meeting, focusing on both the art and science of cancer care, from comfort to cure.

Angie Demichele, it’s been such a pleasure and honor to work with you in crafting the meeting program. Your clarity of thought and communication is inspiring!

Special thanks to the ASCO staff, who are so skilled, effective, kind, and professional in all that they do. The annual meeting wouldn’t be possible without you! And you made it a fun, efficient process along the way.

This organization, and this process, will never be the same without Dr. Jamie von Roenn, yet her legacy will live on for years beyond her retirement, in the deep impact she has had on so many of us and on ASCO.

Also, many thanks to all of our speakers, presenters, and track chairs. We asked a lot of you in changing key aspects of this year’s meeting, such as the transition to rapid oral abstracts instead of poster discussions, and the call to “lead with the conclusion,” in recognition of evidence about how we best learn. You embraced it, and you made it happen!

Over 7,000 of you submitted your science to this meeting, a record-breaking number. And ~45,000 of you attended ASCO24, either live or virtually. The hallways felt even more a-buzz than last year, and the great opportunities to network, connect, and re-connect continue to abound.

The ASCO meeting is in great hands for ASCO25, under ASCO President Dr. Robin Zon, Dr. Cardinale B. Smith (Education Chair), and Dr. Erika Hamilton (Scientific Chair). I already can’t wait for it!”

Thomas LeBlanc

Source: Thomas LeBlanc/X