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November 2023
20 Posts Not To Miss From ESMO 2023 Congress
01/11/2023 18:54

20 Posts Not To Miss From ESMO 2023 Congress

The Annual Congress of the European Society For Medical Oncology (ESMO) took place from October 20th to October 24th, 2023 in Madrid, Spain. Our team at OncoDaily features 20 posts from ESMO 2023 not to miss.

Sharlene Gill (Canada)

Speaker: Yelena Janjigian
– n= 698, global, 85% CPS>1
– PFS – 10v8m, HR – 0.72
– ORR – 73%v60%, CR – 17%!
– LOS – 20v15.8m, HR – 0.81 in CPS>1, bit pNS in all-comers
– The addition of pembrolizumab is a new SOC option in HER2+ HER2-positive PDL1, CPS>1 1L first-line mG/GEJ cancer.


Emre Yekedüz (Turkey)

RADICALS trial final analysis: Early salvage RT seems a good alternative to adjuvant RT in prostate cancer pts undergone surgery!

Similar OS and better QoL!

Hidehito Horinouchi (Japan)

KRYSTAL-7 Adagrasib + Pembrolizumab
Speaker: Marina Garassino

– ORR 63%. ≥Grade 3 irAE 5%. ≥Grade 3 ALT/AST increased by 16%.
– Phase II
– Primary: ORR
– KRASG12C-mutated mNSCLC
– NCT04613596


Olubukola Ayodele (UK)

Day 1 of ESMO 2023 is over.

It was all about early breast cancer (EBC) for me today.

*MonarchE continues to show benefits with adjuvant Abemaciclib in HR+/HER2- EBC. Median follow-up 54 months. All patients have completed 2 years of treatment. Close follow up needed as this cohort tends to relapse after the 5-year mark.

*KN522 also continues to show the benefit of the addition of pembrolizumab to chemotherapy for eTNBC irrespective of stage.

*New territory: Neoadjuvant immunotherapy in combination with chemotherapy in high-risk HR+/HER2- EBC. pCR benefit seen but will it translate to EFS? Also, higher benefits are seen in PD-L1 + patients. Would this influence the FDA/EMA approval if the benefit is consistent?

More biomarker analysis is needed to better select patients in EBC.

However, I’m so happy to see more potential treatment options for patients.

Vania Wisdom (UK)

Great talk by Yelena Janjigian at ESMO2023 1st GI session. The results of this trial led to FDA approval of first-line pembro/trastuzumab and chemo for HER2+ mG/GEJ. ESMO guidelines have also been updated to reflect the benefit of PD-L1 patients.

Myeloma Patients Europe (MPE)

MPE has attended the first day of ESMO – European Society for Medical Oncology 2023 Congress. The Congress will be held until 24 October in Madrid, Spain, where the latest oncology research and development data will be presented.

Today, during the patient advocacy session, “How to improve access to medicines through patient engagement?” MPE Board President Lise-lott Eriksson addressed “Patient engagement and collaboration with national regulatory agencies”, and MPE´s Co-Chief Executive Officer, Kate Morgan, presented ¨A gap analysis on access to modern medicines and treatments: A comparison between West and Eastern Europe”.

ESMO’s Patient Advocacy Track is designed to deepen patient advocates’ knowledge about various issues that can directly impact patients, their families, and organizations’ advocacy efforts. This track will cover topics including improving access to medicines through patient engagement, caregivers’ needs, new digital solutions for patients, and the importance of secondary prevention.

Take a look at the Patient Advocacy Track program here:

Stay tuned during the weekend for more about ESMO23.

Sabine D. Brookman-May (USA)

Can we risk-stratify patients with HR Localized Prostate Cancer?
– Gleason Score, PSA, TN Stage are predictors of MFS/OS,
– Risk increases with Risk factors,
– Patients with 2-3 risk factors or N1 likely benefit most from treatment intensification.

Liz Connolly (Australia)

Can we cure metastatic sarcoma?

Winan van Houdt presents a nice walkthrough of cases where cure or long-term survival may be possible, variables to help inform decisions, treatment modalities, and available data to guide ESMO23.

Looking forward to data coming at CTOS2023.

Philippe Aftimos (Belgium)

The MBC proffered paper session is at 10:15:

– First results of the phase 1 trial of HS-20089, a B7-H4 ADC,
– Updated data from T-DXd trials including a pooled analysis of activity in brain metastases,
– A coaching method to improve adherence to abemaciclib in MBC.

Pierre Blanchard (France)

Why radiotherapy with concomitant chemotherapy is an excellent option for bladder preservation in bladder cancer patients.

Robert Huddart gives as always an excellent overview of ESMO23.

Patient preferences and priorities are central here.

Ben Westphalen (Germany)

The first results of CUPISCO were presented at ESMO23.

Comprehensive genomic profiling, an MTB, and targeted treatments improve progression-free survival in patients with poor prognosis cancer of unknown primary over platinum CTX.


Flavia Jacobs (Italy)

At ESMO23 we presented the results of our systematic review and meta-analysis evaluating PFS by central vs. local assessment in randomized clinical trials in metastatic breast cancer.

No difference was found between central vs. local PFS raising the provocative question if BICR is really needed.

Tom Powles (UK)

Enfortumab vedotin and Pembrolizumab are improving PFS and OS by 55% and 53% respectively compared to platinum-based chemo in 1st line UC (+avelumab in 30%). Chemo has not been beaten before (despite multiple efforts). RR and CR of 68% and 29% are hard to beat. DOR is not reached.

Tox was in line with expectations. Grade 3-5 TRAEs in 56% vs 70% for EVP and chemo respectively. 21% of EVP patients discontinued for adverse events. G3+ skin tox and peripheral neuropathy occurred in 8% and 4% with no Grade 5. EVP tox is different from chemo but not worse.

Overall EVP looks transformative, superseding chemo/IO approaches. It’s attractive for patients and will hopefully get approved for use in the near future. Huge thanks to the research team and the patients.

Sara Tolaney (USA)

BEGONIA: Dato-DXd + Durvalumab in mTNBC update:

ORR – 79%
mPFS – 13.8 months
>80% with low PDL1 expression (by SP263 or 22C3)

Can IO lead to benefit even in PDL1- tumors when combined with a potent ADC?

Julien Mazieres (France)

Another big hit is ESMO23 Alectinib is the first ALK inhibitor to significantly improve DFS compared with CT. Impressive curves and HR 0.24. Immediate Practice-changing trial.

Steven O’Day (USA)

It was an exciting weekend for me and Agenus at the European Society for Medical Oncology ESMO23 Conference in Madrid. I always enjoy reconnecting with my peers and learning about the latest innovations that are shaping new and important ways we can combat cancer.

Agenus announced new and updated data from our ongoing investigational botensilimab/balstilimab (BOT/BAL) clinical programs. The research we shared underscores BOT’s broad potential utility across multiple advanced solid tumors—spanning colorectal, pancreatic, and lung cancers as well as melanoma and sarcoma. The data highlight BOT’s potential beyond first-generation #immunotherapy and current treatment norms.

We also shared some impressive neoadjuvant data in microsatellite stable colorectal cancer from an investigator-sponsored study, which offers an opportunity to expand our research of BOT into early-stage cancers.

Check out the highlights here.

And for a deep dive, listen to the webcast of the panel of experts, Alexander (Lex) Eggermont MD, PhD, Manuel Hidalgo Medina, MD, PhD, Marwan Fakih, Pashtoon Kasi, and Breelyn Wilky, MD.

Tom Powles (UK)

Something NEW.
TAR-210 releases erdafitinib slowly into the bladder by a novel release system. In BCG refractory FGFR selected High-risk NMIBC 82-87% of patients were recurrent free at 1st cut off in the 2 cohort. This could have a major impact on NMIBC and MIBC.

Raghav Sundar (Singapore)

Presented the first results of the PIANO trial at ESMO2023. Peritoneal metastases in gastric cancer is an area of unmet clinical need. This trial is a step toward unraveling the complex immunobiology of this disease for better clinical outcomes.

ESMO – European Society for Medical Oncology

Thanking ESMO23 Social Media Ambassadors for their enthusiastic reporting from the Congress. Look out for their posts and join the conversation.

Philippe Aftimos MD, Teresa Amaral, Evandro de Azambuja, Anne-Marie Baird, Antonio Calles, Myriam Chalabi, Marco Donia, Sharlene Gill, Bishal Gyawali, Angela Lamarca, Matteo Lambertini, Jonathan Lim, Giannis Mountzios, Jarushka Naidoo, Lorenza Rimassa, Pawel Sobczuk, Paolo Tarantino, Dario Trapani, Arndt Vogel, Benedikt Westphalen, Tian Zhang and Antonio Passaro.

Paolo Tarantino (USA)

Historical moment for GU oncology. Tom Powles brilliantly presents the results of the EV-302 phase 3 trial, showing a doubling of OS for patients with mUC receiving 1L enfortumab vedotin+pembro vs SoC platinum-based chemo. ADCs keep shining and improving outcomes!

For the video click here.