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Nicolas Hubacz: T Cell Vs Cancer Cell
Apr 20, 2024, 18:05

Nicolas Hubacz: T Cell Vs Cancer Cell

Nicolas Hubacz, Research Products Business Development Manager at Magstim, shared a post on LinkedIn:

“CAR T-cell therapy makes T cells focus their attention toward a substance the body thinks is harmful called an antigen, which is found on the surface of specific cancer cells. In the manufacturing of CAR T cells, a protein is added to the T cell’s surface to help them achieve this focus.

This protein is called a chimeric antigen receptor, or CAR. This CAR protein is actually made up of 3 other proteins: 1 protein that recognizes antigens on the cancer cell and 2 proteins that signal the T cell to activate when that first protein attaches to an antigen on the cancer cell.

When a T cell has a CAR added to it, it is called a ‘CAR T cell’. CAR T cells work by floating around the body and looking for cells that carry the antigen programmed into the CAR protein, like certain cancer cells.

When a CAR T cell comes in contact with an antigen on a cancer cell, it activates. Activated CAR T cells multiply and signal to other parts of the immune system to come to the site of the cancer cell. These signaling proteins are called cytokines.

All of these cytokines and activated T cells then cause significant inflammation focused on the cancer cell, which causes the cancer cell to die. If all of the cancer cells die, the cancer can become in remission, which means the cancer has disappeared either temporarily or permanently.

Amazing video from the team at Nanolive SA, information courtesy of Craig Portell at the University of Virginia.

Source: Nicolas Hubacz/LinkedIn

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