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Cancer and Crisis Talks with Jemma Arakelyan #1 – Dr. Nataliia Verovkina
Aug 9, 2023, 16:38

Cancer and Crisis Talks with Jemma Arakelyan #1 – Dr. Nataliia Verovkina

An outstanding debut on OncoDaily – our inaugural guest for the Cancer and Crisis Talks with Jemma Arakelyan is Dr. Nataliia Verovkina from the National Cancer Institute of Ukraine. A distinguished medical oncologist and researcher, Dr. Verovkina, will illuminate the current landscape of cancer care within Ukraine’s ongoing war. Her insights will cast light on the formidable challenges and the urgent requisites for amplified access to treatment, medications, and clinical trials.

These exclusive “Cancer and Crisis Talks” interviews are a pivotal platform. They will navigate discussions and insights, addressing the unique challenges confronted by cancer care providers and patients during times of crisis. The core objective is to heighten awareness among healthcare professionals, policymakers, and the broader public about the specific imperatives for enhancing cancer care within crisis-affected regions. A resounding call to action is underway, urging increased support and resources to mitigate the dire impact of crises on cancer patients.

The host, Dr. Jemma Arakelyan, is a medical oncologist and a Ph.D. candidate at the City University of Hong Kong. Having graduated from both Yerevan State Medical University and Harvard Medical School, she is currently immersed in pursuing a Ph.D. in the dynamic field of anticancer drug discovery at the Drug Discovery Lab, City University of Hong Kong. Here, her research pursuits are pioneering innovative strategies to combat cancer and unearth novel therapeutic avenues for patients. Beyond academia, Dr. Arakelyan is deeply involved as an ESCO Fellow and an influential adviser at the Immune Oncology Research Institute. Since June 2023, she has been appointed the CEO of the Institute of Cancer and Crisis, overseeing initiatives to tackle cancer in the face of challenging circumstances.