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July 2024
Latest episodes from the Precision Medicine podcast
Jul 5, 2024, 16:21

Latest episodes from the Precision Medicine podcast

Karan Cushman, Chief Vision Officer at

“Happy 4th, Precision Medicine Podcast fans! The holiday weekend is a great time to catch up on episodes but first wanted to share a firework moment…

We reached 50,000 downloads in June. Thank you to all of our dedicated listeners across our 120 countries and counting!

Check out our latest episodes below – from AI in precision oncology to the alarming rise of colorectal cancer and the importance of supporting mental health through the patient experience. We hope you’ll tune in. (Direct link in the comments.)

#59: From Access to AI – Cancer in America

From ground zero, Douglas Flora shares his view on the state of cancer in America and why he felt compelled to embark on a new career as Editor-in-Chief of AI in Precision Oncology.

#60: The Alarming Rise of Colorectal Cancer

Over 80% of people younger than age 60 are not being effectively screened for colorectal cancer. Why Patient advocate Trevor Maxwell discusses the rise of early onset, why basic screening is mission critical and the advancements in treatment options.

#61: Learning How to MAN UP TO CANCER

In this Part 2, Trevor shares the importance of treating the whole patient in precision medicine. He shares his own mental health struggles through a stage 4 diagnosis and how he finally decided to get busy living.

On behalf of the Precision Medicine Podcast team, we wish you and yours a safe and fun holiday weekend.”

Douglas Flora replied:

“Check out this great podcast series! Keep the great content coming, Karan Cushman.”

Source: Karan Cushman/LinkedIn and Douglas Flora/LinkedIn

Douglas Flora is the Executive Medical Director of Oncology Services at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, overseeing clinical operations, strategic planning, and the expansion of cancer programs. He is also the co-founder of the Center for Precision Medicine; Genomic Health.

As the Editor-in-Chief of ‘AI in Precision Oncology,’ the first peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to this field, he plays a pivotal role in advancing research. He is also an active board member of the American Cancer Society and ACCC, where he contributes to advocacy, education, and innovation within the cancer community.