June, 2024
June 2024
Dr. Erik Sahai About His Research and Story with the the Metastasis Research Society
May 21, 2024, 13:38

Dr. Erik Sahai About His Research and Story with the the Metastasis Research Society

Metastasis Research Society shared on X:

“Meet the presidents! We asked the current president of the Metastasis Research Society Dr. Erik Sahai, The Francis Crick Institute, about his research and story with the society.

When did you first get involved in the MRS?
‘I first heard about the Metastasis Research Society when I was invited to the 2012 meeting in Brisbane, and I joined the society a few years later.’

What is your research focus?
‘My research is focused on how the tumor microenvironment shapes cancer metastasis and responses to therapy. We showed that tumor/stroma crosstalk is influenced not only by soluble factors but also the biophysical and spatial features of tumors.

We showed how fibroblasts remodel the extracellular matrix (ECM) and how this further exacerbates the pro-tumorigenic function of stromal fibroblasts. Stromal fibroblasts generate routes for cancer invasion and undermines the efficacy of targeted therapies.

We demonstrated that parenchymal epithelial cells in the TME dictate the behavior of micro-metastases, opening a new area of TME research.’

What will be the next breakthrough for metastasis research?
‘I think a key and exciting area is preventing the transition of micrometastases, that do not pose a clinical problem, to macrometastases, which are life threatening. This is a multifaceted and challenging problem.’

Micrometastases are hard to study due to their size and their different response to therapies. These cells can be targeted by adjuvant therapies but understanding how newer therapies (like immunotherapy) engage with micrometastases requires an inter-disciplinary approach.’

If you want to learn more about metastasis and connect with leaders in the field then become an MRS member today and join the MRS meeting on 23rd – 25th June, 2024 in London.”

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Source: Metastasis Research Society/X