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June 2024
Isabel Mestres: The Cancer Care Crusaders – A Tale of Modern-day Musketeers
May 17, 2024, 23:09

Isabel Mestres: The Cancer Care Crusaders – A Tale of Modern-day Musketeers

Isabel Mestres shared on LinkedIn:

“The Cancer Care Crusaders: A Tale of Modern-day Musketeers

C/Can cannot truly be locally led without leadership who understands and identifies with the contexts in which we work.

I am honored to work with three top women who lead our fight against cancer across their respective regions. Allow me to introduce you to our very own trio of modern-day Musketeers:

Sophie Bussmann-Kemdjo, Heart of Africa and Europe: Fearless and resolute, Sophie champions the localization agenda, ensuring power resides within the communities where we work.

Chika Kitajima, Light of Asia: Chika’s resolve shines a light on global disparities, convincing governments to increase investment in the fight against cancer.

Maria F. Navarro, Spirit of the Americas: Passionate and insightful, Maria pioneers cancer care innovation, leaving no patient behind.

Like D’Artagnan, I am honored to work with this amazing modern-day Musketeers: ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!”

Isabel Mestres

Source: Isabel Mestres/LinkedIn

Isabel Mestres is the CEO of the City Cancer Challenge (C/Can), previously being the Director of Global Public Affairs. She also led initiatives in membership and partnership development at the International Union for Cancer Control. Mestres’ strategic sense positions her to propel C/Can forward, advancing its mission of enhancing cancer care accessibility in low- and middle-income nations.