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June 2024
Elizabeth Franklin: International Myeloma Foundation Gala
Apr 23, 2024, 14:08

Elizabeth Franklin: International Myeloma Foundation Gala

Elizabeth Franklin shared on LinkedIn:

“Approximately 35,000 people are diagnosed with multiple myeloma in the US each year and over 12,000 people die from the disease including a disproportionate number of black patients.

They represent 20% of those diagnosed with the disease and often experience delayed diagnosis and receive less innovative and effective treatments. This is unacceptable.

While we celebrated the incredible work of the International Myeloma Foundation at their meaningful and beautiful gala last night in NYC, we were cognizant of these health inequities and the massive work left to be done.

The IMF has been a trailblazer in identifying community-based solutions to meeting patients where they are and providing the types of services that they identify will benefit them most.

It’s an incredible organization doing vital work today to ease the burdens for those living with the disease and one day making myeloma an illness of the past.”

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Source: Elizabeth Franklin/LinkedIn

Elizabeth Franklin, PhD, MSW, is an advocate for people impacted by cancer and is passionate about ensuring that patient voices are the north star in health care decision and policy making. She currently serves as Head, U.S. Public Affairs and Patient Advocacy, Oncology with Sanofi, an innovative global healthcare company, where she partners with the U.S. advocacy community to advance innovation, ensure access, and improve health. She previously held positions as President of the Cancer Support Community, Director of Policy and Engagement at the George Washington University Cancer Institute, Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy with the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and Special Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer at the headquarters of the National Association of Social Workers. She is a member and leader in various organizations and coalitions, including the Association of Oncology Social Work, Academy of Oncology Nurse and Patient Navigators, National Navigation Roundtable, and National Association of Social Workers.

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