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Elizabeth Franklin: A chapter on the impact of advocacy to advance patient-centered care
Mar 20, 2024, 16:21

Elizabeth Franklin: A chapter on the impact of advocacy to advance patient-centered care

Elizabeth Franklin shared on LinkedIn:

“I love the meditative and meaningful practice of writing, especially on a topic so central to my personal mission of advocating for a healthcare system that truly puts patients at the center of all decisions. Kim Thiboldeaux and I contributed a chapter to this new Springer text on ‘The Complex Role of Patient Trust in Oncology’ focused on the impact of advocacy to advance patient-centered care.

‘In order to engage fully with one’s health care team and even the ecosystem in which care is provided, a patient must be able to place their trust in those individuals and entities. When systems of care fail, it can often be due, in part, to the disintegration of trust’.

Kim and I talk about the importance of patient advocacy organizations in helping to build and maintain patient trust as well as serve as a check and balance to systems and individuals that aren’t behaving in a trustworthy manner.”

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Source: Elizabeth Franklin/LinkedIn

Elizabeth Franklin, PhD, MSW, is an advocate for people impacted by cancer and is passionate about ensuring that patient voices are the north star in health care decision and policy making. She currently serves as Head, U.S. Public Affairs and Patient Advocacy, Oncology with Sanofi, an innovative global healthcare company, where she partners with the U.S. advocacy community to advance innovation, ensure access, and improve health.

She previously held positions as President of the Cancer Support Community, Director of Policy and Engagement at the George Washington University Cancer Institute, Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy with the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and Special Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer at the headquarters of the National Association of Social Workers.

She is a member and leader in various organizations and coalitions, including the Association of Oncology Social Work, Academy of Oncology Nurse and Patient Navigators, National Navigation Roundtable, and National Association of Social Workers.