December, 2023
December 2023
Toufic Kachaamy: Successful Endoscopic Oncology Special Interest Group Event
Nov 1, 2023, 09:54

Toufic Kachaamy: Successful Endoscopic Oncology Special Interest Group Event

Toufic Kachaamy, shared on LinkedIn:

“Successful Endoscopic Oncology Special Interest Group Event.

I’m thrilled to share that our recent Endoscopic Oncology Special Interest Group activity webinar was a roaring success! A heartfelt thank you to the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) especially Talin D. Artinian for steadfastly supporting this vision. The dedication and commitment to excellence they’ve shown are remarkable.

A huge shoutout to the our guest medical oncologists Madappa Kundranda, who graced us with his presence. Your expertise and contributions were invaluable, illuminating our endoscopy path towards advanced oncologic patient care and innovative practices.

To all our attendees, your engagement and enthusiasm were palpable. It’s collaborations like these that propel us forward in the world of endoscopic oncology.

Topics we discussed included:
1, EUS/FNB of pancreatic head mass after gastric bypass,
2. The significance of normalization of Ca19.9 after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer patients,
3. The recent GIE: Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, VideoGIE, and iGIE publication on plastic stenting in malignant hilar strictures
4. How to discuss the importance of endoscopic oncology with hospital administration

Here’s to more enlightening discussions and collaborative efforts in the future. Together, we’re making strides in improving patient care and outcomes.”

Source: Toufic Kachaamy/LinkedIn