November, 2023
November 2023
Krishna Komanduri: I’m so lucky to be a cell therapist
30/10/2023 17:51

Krishna Komanduri: I’m so lucky to be a cell therapist

Quoting Krishna Komanduri, Physician-in-Chief at the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, on LinkedIn:

“Today was an incredible day for me, a cell therapy geek, as we entered day three of the ASTCT ISCT, International Society for Cell and Gene Therapy Cell Therapy Training Course, where I’m privileged to be serving as faculty again.

Among the highlights was hanging out with #celltherapy legend Carl June, who I first met when I was a University of California, San Francisco fellow and postdoc doing HIV immunology in 1997. Carl shared his personal story and advice to our talented scholars.

In addition Peter Marks, who heads FDA CBER, joined us again as a faculty member, and spouted insights and the current state of affairs of #immunotherapy and directions in the way FDA hopes to help advance the field.

Finally, I got to meet Emily Whitehead, the first patient to receive CAR-T cells for leukemia, and her dad Tom Whitehead. Their family has long inspired so many including by starting the Emily Whitehead Foundation.

I’m so lucky to be a cell therapist. And to be part of an amazing group of clinical and scientific colleagues. And we’re just getting started.”

Source: Krishna Komanduri/LinkedIn