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July 2024
Key points from ESMOGI24 by Arndt Vogel
Jul 2, 2024, 09:01

Key points from ESMOGI24 by Arndt Vogel

ESMO GI 2024 is held in Munich, Germany, and online from June 26-29. Organized by the European Society for Medical Oncology, the event presents new data in GI oncology, alongside educational sessions and networking opportunities. The congress aims to highlight recent advancements in GI cancer treatment and ensure their clinical implementation. It also provides global visibility for original clinical and translational research..

Arndt Vogel shared a few highlights from this conference, on X:

Efficacy and Safety of Atezolizumab/Bevacizumab vs Sorafenib in HCC with and without Main Trunk Portal Vein Invasion Liver Cancer

  • IMbrave150
  • similar efficacy
  • but poor outcome in high risk patients
  • 20% ≥Gr3° GI bleeding with AB in VP4
    risk-benefit ratio favours treatment./Article/

Arndt Vogel

Phase I study of the PKMYT1 inhibitor lunresertib in combination with FOLFIRI in advanced GI cancers
Interesting MOA, for 20% of pts w/ CCCN1 amp or mFBXW7
>synthetically lethality
acceptable safety, ‘promising’ efficacy

Invited discussant Takayuki Yoshino on: Individual patient data (IPD) meta-analysis of randomised phase III trials (RP3) of chemotherapy for resectable colorectal cancer liver metastases (CRCLM): EORTC RP-2145

Arndt Vogel

Neoadjuvant nivolumab + ipilimumab in MSI-H/MMR rectal tumors

  • ECOG-ACRIN EA2201, 14 patients
  • pCR and cCR: 57%
  • TRAEs ≥3° 35%
  • re-design: 4cycles N/I, W and W

Pembrolizumab + XELOX/Beva in pMMR/MSS mCRC and a high immune infiltrate 

  • proof of concept study POCHI trial, 55 patients
  • 15% with pos immune score
  • 21% CR, 54% PR, DCR 96%
  • 2 yr OS rate 67%
  • Very promising efficacy > phs-III ?

New targets in immunotherapy beyond CTL4 and PD(L)1 – Cellular therapies in the treatment of GI cancer by Kohei Shitara

  • CAR-T cell in GI: CLDN 18.2, GPC3, Her2, CEA..
  • BITEs such as Tebentafusp, IBI389
  • Interesting combos with IL-17, CCL19, RNA vaccines

New targets in immunotherapy beyond CTL4 and PD(L)1 – Modulating the microbiome to improve results 

  • more than a gut feeling..
  • Microbiome contributes to carcinogenesis and impacts on treatment > valid target for the drug
  • Impact of antibiotics, FMT…

Arndt Vogel, MD, is a Managing Senior Consultant and a Professor in the Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Endocrinology at Hannover Medical School. Leading the GI-Cancer Center and the Center for Personalized Medicine, his research focuses on translational and clinical studies in gastrointestinal cancer.

He’s actively engaged in various societies including ESMO, ASCO, and EASL. Additionally, he chairs the Hepatobiliary Cancer Study Group of the AIO, contributing significantly to clinical oncology in Germany. Within ESMO, he serves on the Guidelines Steering Committee.