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Peggy Goodell: We are all walking mosaics of genetically distinct cells
Apr 22, 2024, 17:35

Peggy Goodell: We are all walking mosaics of genetically distinct cells

Peggy Goodell, Professor and Chair of the Department of Molecular Cell Biology at Baylor College of Medicine, shared on their X/Twitter:

”We are all walking mosaics of genetically distinct cells. Every cell acquires around one mutation each division after fertilization, resulting in a vast amount of genetic diversity across all the cells in our bodies by the time we are born.

If mutations are acquired in the very early embryo, they can be shared among one or more cell types, even across tissues. Most post-zygotic mutations are harmless, but some have major clinical consequences.

Sarah Waldvogel (BCM MD/PhD Program) thoroughly reviewed the literature to understand the consequences for disease. Read further.

Sarah Waldvogel collated hundreds of reports and discusses the implications for severity and diagnosis across a wide spectrum of diseases from cancer to autism (just a fragment below)!

Peggy Goodell/X

A variety of sequencing strategies can lead to identification of otherwise hidden early mosaicism.

Peggy Goodell/X

Detection of early mosaicism is challenging and can often be missed depending on the sampling time, tissue type, and sensitivity of the assay.

Peggy Goodell/X

Embryonic-derived mosaicism is likely highly under-appreciated and yet can have significant implications for the identification, management, and transmission of a variety of conditions. Read further.

Peggy Goodell/X

The review was just one major well-timed labor-delivery project for SW and a great collaboration with Jennifer Posey! Thanks to great editors at Nature Reviews Genetics and helpful reviewers!”

Source: Peggy Goodell/X

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