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May 2024
Nicole Stout: Our latest publication right in time for Oral Cancer Awareness Month
Apr 19, 2024, 06:14

Nicole Stout: Our latest publication right in time for Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Nicole Stout, Research Assistant Professor at

“Right in time for Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Our latest publication, Gaps in Access to Medically Necessary Dental Care for Patients Living with and Beyond Cancer: We Must Do Better!

  • Improved payment coverage for medically necessary oral and dental services, including complex reconstruction procedures is needed
  • Expanded Dental workforce capabilities in oncology

Patients experience tremendous financial toxicity to pay for these services. OR, they may forgo services due to cost which compromises basic LIFE FUNCTIONS, like eating, swallowing, talking, chewing. Imagine if you had part of your tongue removed for a cancerous lesion and your insurance would not cover the surgery for reconstruction nor prosthetic devices.

Now imagine taking on thousands of dollars in debt just to have this procedure done so that you can speak and eat. This is the choice that too many patients face today! We Must Do Better!”

Source: Nicole Stout/LinkedIn

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