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Joseph Steward: Boston Consulting Group‘s overview of ADCs currently in clinical development
Apr 19, 2024, 07:31

Joseph Steward: Boston Consulting Group‘s overview of ADCs currently in clinical development

Joseph Steward, Freelance Medical and Scientific Writer, shared on LinkedIn:

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) have become one of the most promising therapeutic modalities in oncology due to their superior efficacy and favorable side effect profiles relative to standard-of-care chemotherapies. This article from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) provides a great overview of ADCs currently in clinical development for anyone interested. I also included a brief overview of some of their findings below:

ADC assets currently in development can be categorized into two types. Type-1 assets include agents with new targets or drug payloads that have first-in-class potential. Type-2 assets are agents with an established target or drug payload that also includes a novel delivery component.

Finding from their analysis of 168 ADCs in clinical development:

  • 85% of assets address solid tumour indications, with breast and lung cancer most common.
  • 60% of phase III ADCs are type-2 assets, reflecting lower risk tolerance in late-stage development.
  • 75% of phase I/II ADCs are type-1 assets with novel combinations of targets and payload mechanisms. Findings from their analysis of 61 next-generation targets under investigation in the clinic:
  • 90% of targets are antigens highly expressed on cancer cells such as fibronectin secreted by cancer-associated fibroblasts.
  • 10% of targets are associated with unique characteristics of the tumour microenvironment. ADCs targeting stromal components may prove effective against tumours with high stromal–tumour ratios and resistance evolution. Market research and writing by Patrick Flynn, Smruthi Suryaprakash, Dan Grossman, Val Panier and John Wu– congrats!”

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Source: Joseph Steward/LinkedIn