Vincent Rajkumar: How I treat newly diagnosed myeloma
04/11/2023 16:12

Vincent Rajkumar: How I treat newly diagnosed myeloma

Vincent Rajkumar, Editor-in-Chief of the Blood Cancer Journal, shared on Twitter:

“How I treat newly diagnosed myeloma.

For patients not candidates for transplant (mostly based on performance status and comorbidities).

I presented these slides at recent Myeloma Society meeting. This approach is proven to give excellent results. Any new drugs to be incorporated/added will need significant data showing benefit in RCTs.

The regimen you choose can have major cost implications. Costs vary across countries. So choose wisely. Discuss affordability with your patients.

VRd followed by Len maintenance is under $15,000 total over 10 years of continuous therapy in most countries. So it’s a regimen that when used with the right dosing (once weekly bortezomib, low dose Dex, adjusted dose of Len) is an affordable option for many patients.

cc: Taking a page from your recent article in The Lancet Haematology on CML treatment Dr. Hagop Kantarjian and making my recommendation.

Background information in this article. ”

Source: Vincent Rajkumar/Twitter