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April 2024
Kingsley I. Ndoh: AI and digital health are key to Tanzania’s cancer control strategy
Feb 17, 2024, 10:34

Kingsley I. Ndoh: AI and digital health are key to Tanzania’s cancer control strategy

Kingsley I. Ndoh, Founder and CEO of Hurone AI, shared a post on LinkedIn:

“AI and digital health are key to Tanzania’s cancer control strategy, and it was on the strength of this that I was invited to the Tanzania – US Investors’ forum in Dar es Salaam this past week. Many thanks to Prof Wil Ngwa, Director of Global Health Catalysts (GHC) and Her Excellency, Dr. Elsie S. Kanza Ambassador of Tanzania to the United States, for inviting me.

The event, jointly organized by the Ministry of Health in Tanzania, the Embassy of Tanzania in the US and GHC, shows the great demand for innovative solutions like Hurone AI’s platform, and how pivotal contextually and culturally appropriate AI will be for the advancement of cancer care in Africa and other parts of the world.

At the meeting, I laid out a roadmap for AI implementation, positioning Hurone AI as a key strategic partner in the region. I was greatly encouraged when President Hussein Ali Mwinyi, who led the event, said that his government is committed to investing in digital health and AI solutions.

I’m especially excited by the commitment of both countries to advance global cancer care by establishing the Tanzania – USA Regional Advanced Cancer Centre of Excellence (TRACCE), a state-of- the-art facility designed to improve access to care in Sub-Saharan Africa. The support of the US Government through The White House Cancer Moonshot was laid out by Dr. Catharine Young, Ph.D.

It was great to have conversations with key stakeholders, including regulatory authorities who are looking forward to partner with us and understood the need to move with urgency to accelerate cancer care in underrepresented communities in Tanzania. Exciting times ahead Susie Stanway, Lacy Hubbard, Martina Möllers, Paul Chilwesa, Gbite Oduneye, Dan Fuochi.”

Source: Kingsley I. Ndoh/LinkedIn