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July 2024
Khalid El Bairi: My fifth original study in the field of academic integrity
Jun 25, 2024, 13:12

Khalid El Bairi: My fifth original study in the field of academic integrity

Khalid El Bairi shared a post on LinkedIn:

“This is my fifth original study in the field of academic integrity. In addition to my main field of research focusing on ovarian cancer biomarkers, we have also explored another field over the past five years: Research Integrity.

It has now become my second field of research. To date, we have published several original studies in this crucial area to prevent scientific misconduct through research and education in low- and middle-income countries.

During the last Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), we presented the preliminary findings of the ONCOTRUST-1 study, which focuses on conflicts of interest reporting in oncology. For the first time, we had a simultaneous publication in the prestigious JCO Global Oncology.

For more details, read our latest published report here.

Other papers we published in the field:
1-Predatory Publishing 1: El Bairi et al. JCO Global Oncology 2024: here.
2-Distance Education for Academic Integrity: El Bairi et al. BJC Reports 2023: here.
3-Predatory Publishing 2: El Bairi et al. International Journal of Educational Integrity 2023 : https://lnkd.in/eGJumvsv
4-Plagiarism: El Bairi et al. Accountability in Research 2024: here.
5-Gender Inequity: El Bairi et al. 2024 JCO Global Oncology: here.”

Source: Khalid El Bairi/LinkedIn

Khalid El Bairi, founder of The Cancer Biomarkers Working Group, specializes in clinical and translational research in medical oncology. With many peer-reviewed articles, he delves into predictive and prognostic cancer biomarkers, especially for digestive and gynecological cancers like ovarian and colorectal malignancies.

El Bairi holds board positions in international scientific societies such as IGCS, ESMO, ASCO, ESGO, and AACR. Serving as editor and reviewer for over 40 journals, he also educates medical and Ph.D. students on evidence-based medicine, research methodologies, and publishing ethics.