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Laura Bobolts: Here are my top 3 studies from ASCO2024
Jun 10, 2024, 16:23

Laura Bobolts: Here are my top 3 studies from ASCO2024

Laura Bobolts, OncoHealth, posted on LinkedIn:

ASCO2024 is definitely shaking things up!!! Here are my top 3 studies… in no special order,or is it.

1. LAURA – Tagrisso consolidation after no progression on chemorads for stage III unresectable EGFR+ NSCLC increased PFS by 33.5 months over placebo! New standard of care! Full text publication supports off-label insurance coverage TODAY for many!!! And what a trial name. Where are my royalties at!

2. DESTINY-Breast06 – 1st line Enhertu (vs 2nd line as approved today) after endocrine therapy in HR+/HER2-Low metastatic breast cancer decreased risk of disease progression or death by 38% over chemo. Not statistically powered, but there was a similar PFS benefit at 4.9 months in HER2-UltraLow (IHC 0 and any smattering of HER2 staining but not enough to be IHC 1+). Data moves too fast – this not in NCCN yet and not published in full text = off-label coverage isn’t broadly supported per CMS yet.

3. NADINA – 2 cycles neoadjuvant Opdivo + Yervoy followed by 1. no treatment if a major pathological response (MPR) or 2. If no MPR, adjuvant Opdivo (BRAF-WT) or Tafinlar/Mekinist (BRAF+) decreased risk of recurrence, progression or death by 68% over purely adjuvant Opdivo in stage III resectable melanoma. New standard of care! FYI it’s only 2 cycles of fixed dose Opdivo (240 mg) + Yervoy (80 mg) which may confuse some providers and be a mess for EPIC order sets. Will payers know how to determine an MPR to see whether adjuvant therapy is needed or not? Impressive outcomes, complicated design!
What was your favorite study from ASCO? Talk to me, I’d love to hear, seriously! It was waaaay too hard to pick just 3!
I’m going to have a private event for payers to review ASCO data June 27th so more to come!

It’s was so great as always to see everyone in person! Nothing but good, genuine people. We need that sometimes! Now back to the wildness at home with my 2 German Shepherds!!! And this weekend starts the Stanley Cup finals!!!

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Source: Laura Bobolts/LinkedIn