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Meet Berthia and her mother – CANCaRe Africa
May 21, 2024, 04:13

Meet Berthia and her mother – CANCaRe Africa

CANCaRe Africa shared on LinkedIn:

“Please meet Berthia and her mother, Berthia is 3 years old. Their village is in the Chikwawa district, but they currently live in Blantyre. Berthia started having problems about four months before the diagnosis was made.

She had swollen and painful limbs and fingers, fevers and was losing weight. They first went to the traditional healer. Thereafter they went to the nearest health centre and were referred to the hospital in Blantyre.

In Blantyre they heard after a week that Berthia has cancer of blood (acute lymphoblastic leukaemia). At first mother was very sad and disappointed, but she has now accepted it. .

Berthia started treatment with no problems and has improved greatly. She is a lively and talkative child on the ward. Berthia is the only child in the family. They live in their home with the three of them (father, mother, Berthia).

The father does business and owns a hardware shop. He was able to provide the transport to the hospital. They survive on buying food and they farm in their village where they grow maize, sorghum and beans. Mum is a housewife.

Appropriate consent given. Photograph by Dr. T. Israels.”

Source: CANCaRe Africa/LinkedIn