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June 2024
Six-course program on preclinical drug discovery – Novartis Science
May 21, 2024, 03:32

Six-course program on preclinical drug discovery – Novartis Science

Novartis Science shared a post on their LinkedIn:

”Do you have a life sciences background? Are you curious about the world of drug discovery, or looking for a career with the potential to impact patients’ lives?

Novartis, in collaboration with Davidson College and Coursera, is offering a six-course program on preclinical drug discovery. Learn more about the science and considerations behind the search for novel medicines in this self-paced online program.

Full description here:

Drug Hunting: The Science of Making Medicines.

Preclinical drug discovery is a complex, challenging, and iterative hunt for novel new medicines to address the unmet medical needs of patients. The science and considerations behind this endeavour are covered in this online six course program, which begins with an Introduction to Drug Hunting, followed by in-depth discussions of Targets, Assays and Screening, Lead Selection and Optimization, Pharmacokinetics, Preclinical Safety, and Preformulation. Each course is self-paced, comprised of short 5-minute videos covering selected topics, accompanied by additional readings and problems designed to reinforce and deepen understanding of those topics.

This program is intended for a graduate level audience with a life sciences background.”

Source: Novartis Science/LinkedIn