June, 2024
June 2024
Maria Babak: Catch up on this weeks updates from The Babak Lab!
May 20, 2024, 00:12

Maria Babak: Catch up on this weeks updates from The Babak Lab!

Maria Babak, Head of the Drug Discovery Lab at the City University of Hong Kong, shared a post by The Babak Lab on LinkedIn:

“Catch up on this weeks updates from The Babak Lab!”

Quoting The Babak Lab’s post:

“Catch up on the latest breakthroughs, expert tips, and exciting events in our Weekly Digest!

  • Discover the game-changing impact of personalized cancer vaccines on melanoma treatment. Find out more about the fight against cancer with cutting-edge research and groundbreaking trials at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and beyond in our Clinical Monday review
  • Explore the groundbreaking research of Prof. Rosemary Cater’s team revealing FLVCR2’s pivotal role in shuttling choline through the blood-brain barrier. With high-resolution structures and transport mechanisms uncovered, this study promises new avenues for therapeutic intervention in neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Join the remarkable journey of Prof. Kenneth Kam-Wing Lo, associate editor for Inorganic Chemistry, in an EXCLUSIVE interview for BABAK MONTHLY. Gain invaluable wisdom on passion-driven research, mentorship, time management, critical thinking, and achieving balance beyond academia. Don’t miss the opportunity to redefine your scholarly pursuits with Professor Lo’s transformative advice!

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Source: Maria Babak/LinkedIn and The Babak Lab/LinkedIn