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Antonio Giordano won Taobuk – Taormina International Book Festival Da Vinci Award 2024 – Sbarro Health Research Organization
Jun 27, 2024, 13:45

Antonio Giordano won Taobuk – Taormina International Book Festival Da Vinci Award 2024 – Sbarro Health Research Organization

Sbarro Health Research Organization shared on LinkedIn: 

“Congratulations to Antonio Giordano for winning the Taobuk – Taormina International Book Festival Da Vinci Award 2024!

As President of the Sbarro Health Research Organization (SHRO) and Director of the Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine at Temple University College of Science and Technology, Professor Giordano inspires with his dedication to research and commitment to societal impact.

His work underscores the importance of monitoring environmental harm to protect human health.

At Taobuk in Taormina, over 200 global thinkers, supported by the Sicilian Region, will gather to explore the multifaceted theme of Identity, celebrating inclusivity and diverse perspectives.

His words resonate deeply: highlighting the critical issue of brain drain and the intertwined relationship between human health and environmental damage. “Through the One Health approach, we can show the impact of atmospheric damage on DNA, affecting all forms of life,” he stated.

I would also like to congratulate other awardees like:

I would also like to congratulate my fellow awardees:

Marina Abramović: Renowned performance artist, honored for her groundbreaking contributions to contemporary art.

Shashank Joshi: Defense and Security Editor at The Economist, recognized for his insightful analyses on global security issues.

David Scharia: Director of the Counterterrorism Executive Directorate at the United Nations, awarded for his work in international security and counterterrorism.

Roger Hearing: BBC World Service journalist, celebrated for his distinguished career in global journalism.

Maria Rosaria Taddeo: Professor of Digital Ethics and Defense Technologies at the University of Oxford, acknowledged for her pioneering research in digital ethics and cybersecurity.

Derrick de Kerckhove: Sociologist and former director of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto, honored for his contributions to media theory and digital culture.

Etgar Keret: Among the most popular Israeli authors, awarded for his literary achievements and unique storytelling.

Nobel Prize winner Jon Fosse: Recognized for his profound impact on literature and his work titled ‘Telling the Unspeakable.’

Paolo Sorrentino: Italian movie director and Oscar awardee, celebrated for his exceptional contributions to cinema.

These distinguished individuals have made significant impacts in their respective fields, contributing to the rich tapestry of knowledge and creativity celebrated at Taobuk.

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Antonio Giordano

Source: Sbarro Health Research Organization/LinkedIn