July, 2024
July 2024
Bill Wood: Honored to participate in the White House Clinical Trials Forum
Jul 1, 2024, 13:38

Bill Wood: Honored to participate in the White House Clinical Trials Forum

Bill Wood, shared a post on LinkedIn:

“I was honored to participate yesterday in the White House Clinical Trials Forum, where we heard announcements, updates, and insights from OSTP, FDA, NIH, ARPA-H, patients, and many others. The discussion was robust and energizing. I was pleased to share my perspective as a bone marrow transplant and cell therapy physician, hematologist, and oncologist at UNC Lineberger; as medical director of UNC Cancer Navigation; and as senior medical advisor to the American Society of Hematology Research Collaborative. We were asked to voice our recommendations for transforming our healthcare delivery system to an evidence generation system, and here were mine:

1. Routine care delivery data and clinical documentation should support evidence generation.
2. Clinicians and patients should be empowered as independent research agents in the evidence-generation enterprise. Mutually reinforcing clinician and patient communities should power evidence-generation ideas and execution.
3. Establishing a national real-world data stream is crucial to supporting efficient and scalable evidence generation that aligns with our national priorities.
4. Trusted partners should be identified to host a research infrastructure that crosses care delivery sites and effectively engages clinician and patient communities.
Together we can build the national evidence generation system that our patients need.”

Source: Bill Wood/LinkedIn