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July 2024
Christiana Bardon: The AACR industry partnering event was a tremendous success
Apr 9, 2024, 12:53

Christiana Bardon: The AACR industry partnering event was a tremendous success

Christiana Bardon, Co-Managing Partner at MPM BioImpact, shared on their LinkedIn:

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) industry partnering event was a tremendous success! I can’t believe that we had the oncology heads of every major pharma company there to share their pipelines. Here are a few of my observations after listening to these brilliant minds:

  • ADC is definitely the hottest platform across the entire industry. What’s exciting are not only the new targets, but also the new payloads being developed such as degraders. We still have so much to learn about this platform, though. I was shocked when Raffaele Colombo explained to us that less than 1% of ADCs actually get into the tumor!!!
  • Radio ligand therapy is just beginning as a major new class of the therapeutics and is the next major trend.
  • Combination therapy will continue to be the mainstay of oncology drug treatment. Future combinations, however, will Include new technologies such as ADCs and cell therapy.
  • Noticeably absent from pipelines were second generation I/O targets
  • Vaccines and novel cart T therapies are TBD
  • AI is having a growing impact in drug development although ChatGPT ‘how to cure cancer’ doesn’t yet quite work
  • Rick Pazdur of the FDA explained dose optimization and many new FDA projects. He takes a common sense and no nonsense approach which I admire.

Special thanks to Leerink Partners, Royalty Pharma, MPM BioImpact and the City of Hope for their support! And of course my fantastic co moderators Michael Caligiuri and Bill Hait!”

Source: Christiana Bardon/LinkedIn