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Emmy Fleuren: We are going to build the ‘Paediatric Preclinical Biobank’, with sarcomas as the flagship
Feb 20, 2024, 18:36

Emmy Fleuren: We are going to build the ‘Paediatric Preclinical Biobank’, with sarcomas as the flagship

Emmy Fleuren, Team Leader of Sarcoma Biology and Therapeutics at The Children’s Cancer Institute, shared a post by Colin Bradling, Vice President of Professional Services at

“Thanks to the amazing support of the Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation and Jeremy Sutcliffe, at Children’s Cancer Institute we are going to build the ‘Paediatric Preclinical Biobank’, with sarcomas as the flagship. This news could not have come at a better moment than today at International Childhood Cancer Day.

Within the next 2 years, 80 unique, fully-annotated patient-derived xenograft models covering childhood, adolescent and young adult sarcoma, will become available for the entire research community.

This will bridge a significant problem hampering sarcoma research progress worldwide: access to realistic sarcoma patient models will facilitate the generation of the most robust & reliable preclinical data that has the biggest chance of making a difference in patients.

Let’s do this! More details below! Plus even more info to follow soon too.”

Quoting Colin Bradling’s post:

Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation in collaboration with the Sutcliffe family funds $300k for Sarcoma Research on International Childhood Cancer Day.

The Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation (CRBF) is delighted to announce a significant milestone in the fight against sarcoma. We are proud to pledge over $300k in funding for sarcoma research through the Children’s Cancer Institute (CCIA).

This substantial investment marks a pivotal moment in our ongoing collaboration with CCIA, spearheaded by Emmy Fleuren and her dedicated team, driving forward innovative research initiatives aimed at transforming the landscape of paediatric /AYA sarcoma.

This milestone, made possible by the invaluable support and collaboration of former CRBF inaugural chairman, Jeremy Sutcliffe is emblematic of Jeremy’s personal connection to sarcoma, coupled with his extensive corporate experience, which has been instrumental in catalysing this groundbreaking research.

As a former CEO of two ASX Top 100 companies, a qualified lawyer in Australia and the U.K., and with a wealth of experience in organisations such as Baker & McKenzie Solicitors, CSR Limited, Amcor Ltd, and as a former Director of the Australian Rugby League Commission. Jeremy brings a wealth of expertise to the table. His unwavering commitment to advancing sarcoma research in Australia has been truly inspiring.

Through Jeremy’s leadership and vision, we’re proud to see this innovative research come to fruition, bringing hope to countless families affected by sarcoma. Together, we’re turning the dial for sarcoma in Australia and beyond.

Join us in celebrating this milestone on International Childhood Cancer Day, as we continue our relentless pursuit of a world free from childhood cancer. Together, we can make a difference.”

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Source: Emmy Fleuren/LinkedIn and Colin Bradling/LinkedIn