February, 2024
February 2024
Wafik El-Deiry: This is the destruction of science as I know it
Feb 2, 2024, 17:39

Wafik El-Deiry: This is the destruction of science as I know it

Wafik El-Deiry made the following post on LinkedIn:

“No one can manufacture scientific truth. Biology is highly variable and I think much of what’s ultimately not reproducible reflects that. Historically what didn’t reproduce was left behind. I find it hard to believe or accept there are more than a few dishonest people who make things up in the process of publishing. It just makes no sense to me. As such I’m concerned about the impact of some on the public perception that fraud and dishonesty may be rampant. To me this is the destruction of science as I know it.”

Source: Wafik El-Deiry/LinkedIn

Wafik El-Deiry, MD, PhD, FACP, FRSM, an American Cancer Society Research Professor, is the Associate Dean for Oncologic Sciences at the Warren Alpert Medical School and Director of the Legorreta Cancer Center at Brown University. Dr. El-Deiry discovered p21(WAF1) as a p53 target gene, cell cycle inhibitor, and tumor suppressor that explained the mammalian cell stress response. This has been the most highly cited original work published in Cell. He discovered TRAIL receptor DR5 as a p53 target, and ONC201/TIC10 as a TRAIL pathway, integrated stress response inducer, and cancer therapeutic with efficacy in diffuse midline glioma and other tumors.  He was named one of America’s Top Oncologists by the Consumer Res Council of America in 2008 and 2009. He is a practicing physician-scientist specializing in colorectal cancer treatment.