February, 2024
February 2024
Joshua Fein: This is a pdf of ASH23 abstracts (no figures, but URLs)
Dec 12, 2023, 18:18

Joshua Fein: This is a pdf of ASH23 abstracts (no figures, but URLs)

Joshua Fein, Hematology/Oncology Fellow at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, posted on X/Twitter:

“Okay – updated version, now easily browsable.

This is a pdf of ASH23 abstracts (no figures, but URLs). Organized by session, so you should be able to find something interesting by ctrl-F and then browse from there. Cover art by DALL-E. Caveats below.

Most importantly: no material here belongs to me; this is purely generated for browsing convenience. In the spirit of the conference and easy discovery of great science, but if requested by the Society I will have to take this down. Happy to discuss further by DM in that case.

1) All of this was done programmatically, no manual adjustments. I haven’t checked all 10k pages but there’s definitely some errors. Will iron out the kinks for next year!

2) Author lists: automatically generated using NLP; goal had originally been to generate an index but never got there. So apologies if some names got dropped or chopped, or if an institution is in there alongside people. Again, will fix next year.

3) There are some abstracts that seem to have not been processed through the script and show up looking odd. Again, not sure why, no time this week for a deep dive, this is a first attempt but want to make this available if useful to anyone.

Hope this is useful for long plane rides! Happy to discuss other uses for NLP in hematology, let’s chat over coffee in the exhibitor hall or beer and taco.”

Source: Joshua Fein/X